Essential Renee*

Here and there I have been​ ​making essential oil Roll-Ons.

I Love them!

I think it's so fun to create new scents and new names for my own scents. 

And the nice thing is that others are starting to LOVE them too! 

Therefore, I have decided to keep them going and in stock. 

I have some that are for good scents, relaxation and pain. 

My scents are always changing as I like to try new things. But, some are set in stone like Peppermint (pain), Lavender/Eucalyptus (relaxation), Citrus (light and fresh), For Fun ( my favorite scent), and Poolside. 

All are made with coconut oil.

All scents are $5.00.

Don't hesitate to contact me via text or email for ordering. 

Phone # 651-303-3015


[email protected]