The Month of September is 

                    "BEST SELLER" is....   

     Garlic Renee                           

This oil is Fabulous for for many daily dishes like spaghetti, pasta, and steak.    

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                                                                                                                       See all flavors and videos below...

Our Recent Creations!

Whiskey Renee Pork Chops* with Parmesan Renee* Potatoes!

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Steak Fajitas made with Caribbean Renee and Cilantro Oils*

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$10 Garlic Renee*

After many requests we added Garlic Renee* With it's Extra Virgin olive oil base and a boast of garlic for all you garlic lovers out there! Use it with all your pasta cooking needs. Try it with your sauce, noodles, or rice for a robust flavor!

To order Email: [email protected]

$10 Cilantro Renee*

For all you Cilantro Lovers!! Cilantro Renee* is a mixture of Sunflower and Avocado oils. You will love this as a salad dressing, with chicken, eggs or pork! This is the lightest oil YET!

To order Email: [email protected]

$10 Ranch Renee*

Ranch Renee* is Renee's favorite oil! This oil has an Avocado and Sunflower oil blend and is very light and tasty when used as a salad dressing! The flavor really comes out when cooking eggs and with noodles on a cold pasta salad.

To order from me Email: [email protected] 

$10 Parmesan Renee*

Parmesan Renee* is awesome on potatoes and noodles! Moms love this oil because instead of making the same old unhealthy buttered noodles they can use this oil which is based with Extra Virgin olive oil. And Kids absolutely LOVE this flavor!!!

To order from me Email: [email protected] 

$10 Renee's Dill 

and More*

Renee's Dill and More* is our Best Seller! This Sunflower based oil is fabulous when making pretzels for a snack! It is also tasty when cooking seafood, potatoes and vegetables.

To order from me Email: [email protected]

$10 Aruba Renee*

Aruba Renee* was my very first oil creation! This is an Extra Virgin based olive oil that has a bit of a "KICK" so you can use it when making stir-fry, put it on your spaghetti noodles or just cook your eggs in it.

To order from me Email: [email protected]

$10 Renee's 

Whiskey Oil*

Renee's Whiskey Oil* is an Extra Virgin olive oil that is fabulous on pork chops, steaks and chicken. Whether it's cooked on the grill, in a crock pot, in the oven or on the stove it gives your meats a one of a kind great flavor! It also makes a great marinade!

To order from me Email: [email protected] 

$10 Everything Renee*

Everything Renee* is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil based oil for your everyday use. It's great for vegetables, chicken and potatoes. 

To order from me Email: [email protected]

$10 Lemon Renee*

Lemon Renee* is my newest creation made with Sunflower Oil, Rosemary and Chia Seeds. This oil is amazing with chicken and salads.

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An ongoing series of informational entries

$10 Caribbean Renee*

Caribbean Renee* is a robust and spicy oil make with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This has Great flavor and it will get you at the end with some heat! This pairs well with seafood, Asian cooking or anything you just want to add more spice or flavor to.

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Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Gift Baskets ​Available NOW!

March 15, 2017

Looking for the perfect gift for your family member or good friend that loves to cook????  

                  Well, I have the perfect solution. A sample gift basket of Cooking Oils and or Renee's Body Oils.  Select the oils you would like and I will put together a basket you will love! 

Email me with any questions.

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Find us around the twin cities at trade shows and events! We love hosting oil tastings at your own home also. Call or email us to book a show.


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