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Renee's Scrubs*

I LOVE making these awesome and fun scrubs! They can be used by any sink to make your hands soft again or in the shower as a body scrub! A really great gift for your special someone!

Lemon Renee* Hand Scrub

This scrub has lemon essential oils, avocado oil, coconut Epsom salt and white sugar.

Renee's Mint and Rosemary Scrub*

I found this Amazing Epsom Salt that is Rosemary scented. I added essential oils, rosemary seed, sugar and avocado oil to make the perfect blend!

Renee's Lavender and Eucalyptus Scrub*

One of my favorites! Made with Epsom salt, sugar, essential oils and avocado oil. This scrub is good for relaxation. Use in the bath or at night before bedtime. 

Coconut Renee Scrub*

This is a scrub you want for vacationing! It has Coconut Epsom Salt, coconut oil, Vanilla, essential oils, Brown Sugar and EVOO. 

Renee's For Fun Scrub*

This is a light and refreshing scrub. It has Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Bergamont essential oils, avocado oil, Epsom salt and and sugar. 

Try It Today!

Basil Renee Scrub*

This is my favorite NEW scrub! This is a light and refreshing scrub. It has Basil, lemon, lime essential oils, avocado oil and sugar. Try It Today!

Renee's Poolside Hand Scrub*

This is a fun summer scrub you will want to try! It has Epsom Salt, patchouli, lemon and orange essential oils, Sugar and EVOO.